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The Nosara Yoga Institute® Approach to Yoga Education

For a vitalizing, life-opening experience of studying and practicing yoga, few locations on the planet equal Nosara on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Yoga reveals to us that attuning to nature, in all her different forms, continually calls us to listen to the natural wisdom inherent within our own being. The schedules and curriculum of every Nosara Yoga Institute program honor the time and space it takes for Nature to work her miracle of bringing the rhythms of self into ever-deeper harmony with the rhythms of Nature. On any given day while you are here, you will have time to get to know yourself, spending time on the beach and exploring the wonders of the surrounding jungle community and wildlife preserve.

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Professional Yoga Education at Nosara Yoga Institute

Among the choices for training as a yoga teacher at Nosara Yoga Institute, you will discover a spectrum of educational opportunities for deepening your yoga practice and for furthering your skillfulness as a professional yoga educator. Echoing the biodiversity inherent in the surrounding environment is an equally diverse, interdisciplinary approach to yoga that places the highest value on delving into the very roots of yogic inquiry. When your understanding and insights into yoga are grounded in your own experience, you will have a foundation for life-long learning and teaching—wherever your curiosity carries you.


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