Public Yoga 


Public Yoga Classes & Workshops

In addition to our internationally-respected yoga teacher training programs, Nosara Yoga Institute® is pleased to offer a variety of 90-minute daily classes, open to the public, that feature a variety of approaches to Hatha Yoga, including Nosara Yoga® Vinyasa and Nosara Self-Awakening Yoga®



Nosara Yoga Public Daily Classes - August


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Each 90-minute yoga class costs $15 USD or 8,000 colones.
Save! 10-Pack of Class Passes available for just $125 USD.

Students enrolled in a Nosara Yoga Teacher Training
can enjoy public yoga classes for the reduced rate
of $10 per class during their teacher training period.
Name tags must be worn to receive this reduced price.

Classes are taught in English. Some instructors are bilingual, English/Spanish.

Classes are held on the Nosara Yoga Institute® grounds in the TreeTops Pavilion.

Yoga Mats are available.

For Private Classes, Pranassage® and Yoga Guide Session, inquire at



Class Descriptions:


Nosara Yoga Vinyasa: Level 1, Nice and Easy

A relaxed-paced Nosara Vinyasa that is ideal for those new to practicing yoga. Also appropriate for yoga practitioners who prefer a slower, more intentional posture experience. Basic poses and alignment will be addressed

Nosara Yoga Vinyasa: Level 2, Moderate

In our L2 class we are working with conditioning movements, sun salutations, through a vinyasa sequence, usually incorporating backbends and basic inversions like shoulderstand. Appropriate for beginners - intermediate.

Nosara Yoga Vinyasa: Level 2-3, Vigorous

Take this multi-leveled flow Class to strengthen the cardiovascular system and core, detoxify the body, and possibly learn a new relationship to gravity.  Introduction to arm balances and deeper inversions such headstand and handstand. Challenge your physical body, focus you mind and connect to the breath of life.

Nosara Yoga Vinyasa: for Athletes and Surfer’s

Stretching after working out or surfing is known to prevent injuries and overuse of muscles and joints, designed for all levels and abilities, directed by Paola from  Peru, this can be taught in English and Spanish


Nosara Self-Awakening Yoga Therapeutics: Introduction to Yoga

If you’re just starting to get comfortable with yoga, this class may be perfect for you. From a therapeutic perspective, this class can help you unwind organically to alleviate body stiffness and/or help relieve chronic pain in your head, neck, shoulders, lower back, and so on.


Nosara Yoga Essential Nature Restorative

Relax your body in restful, nourishing poses using the support of props such as bolsters, straps and blocks to tone and soothe your nervous system, appropriate for everyone who is ready to deeply rest, relax and restore on all levels.

Nosara Yoga Relax & Renew

A combined practice of Restorative poses and Self Awakening Yoga Therapeutics that enhance the experience of activating the relaxation response of our nervous system, learning how to unwind tension through the innovative, fun and authentic therapeutic movement inquiries of Self Awakening Yoga Therapeutics. This practice is an invitation to witness your experience without controlling it.   No yoga experience necessary to attend this class and is suitable for injury and surgery recovery.

Nosara Yoga: Core Flow - multi level

Learn to harness the strength within, develop your core, also known as your “Third Chakra” or “Hara” in Japanese. When you experience how to integrate the core muscles your yoga practice is full of strength and lightness.

Nosara Yoga: Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is designed to focus on conditioning the connective tissue of the body while stimulating energy meridians and deepening our connections with the interior world. Passive and seated postures are held for up to five minutes allowing gravity and our own body weight to gently take us further into each shape. This slow body meditation can bear both great intensity and deep release.


Nosara Yoga: Yin / Yang Yoga

A combination class designed by JJ our resident personal trainer and Yoga instructor, you can experience some strength based yoga flow with an offering slower deep postures, balance and equanimity is the focus of this unique class.


Sunset Yoga by Candlelight:

Kara’s signature class is one of our most popular, unwind from the activities of the day with a soothing yoga class, gentle music all timed perfectly with the setting sun. A perfect way to end the day in paradise.


Nosara Yoga & Miracles:

A miracle is a change in perception from fear to love. Where there is fear there is tension; where tension is relaxed, fear is released & a return to the wisdom of the heart is possible. A gentle Nosara Vinyasa flow to calm the mind and open the heart.


Vinyasa Yoga Flow and Meditation:

A mindful yoga flow class aimed at quieting the mind and exploring the body through a series of stretches, yoga postures and breath work designed to strengthen, open and detox the body. Yoga's calming influence is then used to enhance and deepen the short Zen meditation at the end of class.  The class is easy to moderate with lots of options for beginners.