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Nosara Yoga Institute® Reviews and Testimonials


When we opened Nosara Yoga Institute® back in 1994, our dream was to create a "sacred space," or environment, where yoga education would go beyond postures.  Specifically, our training would integrate an inquiry into one's own inner wisdom as a critical part of deepening the yoga practice.  Why? Yoga teachers whose lives are transformed from the inside out are capable of transmitting enthusiasm for the learning process. Our shared mission is to awaken awareness of the power we have as yoga educators to invent new ways of being together as human beings.

Based on the many letters and reviews we have received from our graduates here and on TripAdvisor, we are proud that our approach to yoga education has made such a difference in so many people's lives beyond yoga.

As you read through these testimonials, we invite you to come share our sacred space to deepen your yoga practice for an experience like you've never imagined.

Speaking of sharing, let us know your thoughts on your Nosara Yoga Institute experience. We'd love to share them with everyone!


"When I think back to my first Teacher Training at Nosara, nearly two decades ago, I am reminded that this was the platform with which I dove in to the vast sea of yoga and that which I always return home to. My experience there shaped my teaching and commitment to myself and the practice even today. Don and Amba graciously guided us to open ourselves in new ways and to explore who we are and who we want to be. I've been blessed in my life in so many ways and being connected to this sacred space is one of the blessings which I will always be grateful for. When you come to Nosara you don't just learn how to teach, you learn how to live fully and to embrace all that you are."  

- Kyra S.


"My experience with you was not just a training, it was transformational on many levels. I was super impressed with how professional every part of the training was. I left Nosara feeling clearer than I have in a while. My senses were enhanced, and I felt light. I am so appreciative of you sharing your wisdom around the body-mind-spirit connection. The way everything came together was profound. I feel like the way you teach works with all different types of learning skills."  

- Suzy L.


"...The trainings and the tools I acquired were invaluable and has allowed me to come to a place where I feel grounded and have found peace and happiness within myself in a way that I don't think I ever imagined possible for myself. Liberation from the clutches of the mind, indeed! Nosara Yoga Institute is a very special place, one of transformation and possibilities. You and Amba are the very core of that. You've created something quite magical, and I will be forever grateful to you both."

- Leigh K.


"It's what I needed to begin my next journey in life. I finally feel I have an idea of what my purpose is and how I want to give back.  What you have created here in the jungle is magical, and I recommend anyone to take the journey, not just teachers.   There's no pressure here, and your emphasis on creative freedom, self-inquiry and allowing whatever to come up has given me a boost that I can help others and that my work is valuable. Thanks to all for this much-needed experience. It's truly life-changing."

- Suzanah B.


"I want you to know that the month in Nosara learning about teaching yoga was one of the best things I've ever experienced in my life.  It was truly a fabulous time!!  Thank you, from the deepest part of me. I plan to come back next Feb. for the Pranasage course."

- Lisa E.


"It's been 6 whole months since the July YTT program ended and I think of you guys nearly every day.  When I planned my trip to Nosara, I had no intention of teaching yoga.  When I returned from training I felt a sense of renewal, peace, and complete elation.  I couldn't imagine not teaching yoga when I came back to Maryland. You guys [Don and Amba Stapleton] are two of the most beautiful people I've ever known...and quite honestly, after beginning a 30-hour yoga workshop series with another yoga "expert" I am reminded of how down to earth and kind you both are.  So rare -- so special.  Thank you for all of your wonderful teachings -- from the bottom of my heart -- thank you."

- Gaby A.


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