200-Hour Nosara Yoga Teacher Training®


2015 Dates: Choose one of the months below

      • January 11, 2015 - February 7, 2015
      • June 28, 2015 - July 25, 2015  
      • November 1 - 28, 2015

        (Can't get away for 4 weeks in a row for yoga teacher training? Split your 200-hour month-long training into two convenient 2-week sessions:  Click to learn more about taking two 2-week sessions.)


• Directed by Don and Amba Stapleton, Co-Founders & Co-Directors of Nosara Yoga Institute 


Yoga Alliance-recognized 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification Training, Nosara Yoga Institute, Nosara, Costa RicaThe 200-hour Nosara Yoga® Teacher Training supports your exploration of the fundamentals of what is common to all yoga styles, while enabling you to discover your unique expression and style of yoga. You will learn how to create a context for offering your skills in a way that supports your personal life purposes. You’ll gain familiarity with teaching a wide range of Nosara Yoga classes for varying fitness and experience levels, and also gain confidence in adapting teaching methodologies that make your classes effective for the students and fulfilling for you. With an emphasis on hands-on-assists, you will also develop skills for teaching students in a one-on-one setting.

4 Main Objectives Of This Month-Long Immersion Training

1.  Deepen your yoga practice, and establish lifelong friendships that will help you
     maintain this practice.

2.  Get you started on a successful yoga teaching career and vocation.

3.  Develop balanced and healthy lifestyle habits that you can maintain upon
     returning home.

4.  Learn community-building skills to create your own “ashram” within
     your own community.

What’s So Unique about the Nosara Yoga®Teacher Training?

Directed Personally By Don And Amba, From their 35 years of study and practice of yoga, combined with 30 years of experience in refining the art and science of teaching and directing yoga teacher training programs, Amba and Don Stapleton, Ph.D. have carefully refined the wisdom of their experience into co-founding and co-directing the Nosara Yoga Institute. Before starting their own center in 1994, Don was the CEO and Dean of Yoga Education of the largest residential yoga center in the United States. They both lived an ashram lifestyle, Don for 20 years, Amba for 7. These years spent in the complete immersion of hatha yoga and the service of teaching, is part of an ongoing incredible learning experience that colors the depth of knowledge and experience they both bring to this month-long teacher training with you. From the depth and breadth of their commitment to living their yoga, they model their humanity rather than posing with the pretense of transcendence. Don will have you crying and Amba will have you laughing.

Our Innovative Teaching Methodology — it’s been copied by many all around the world. In addition to their creating their unique approach to yoga teacher training, Don and Amba popularized the terms non-authoritarian, inquiry-based, experiential learning, for the multi-dimensional self, which are used today by many yoga training programs.

Our Nosara Self-Awakening Yoga Therapeutics Flow® is designed by Don, from his study of primal movement and the developmental stages of movement that arise from the fetus to childhood, to adulthood. You’ll learn movements presented from his book Self- Awakening Yoga, that take yoga back to its roots as a creative learning process and an expansion of consciousness, not just a technique for health and fitness. Faced with the challenge of physical recovery from an injury to his spine, Don drew upon his knowledge of yoga to create a series of exercises that allow for the recovery of freedom of movement, release emotional blockages, and unleash spiritual and physical potential to re-balance and strengthen the whole body.

Our Nosara Yoga Vinyasa Flow ®, designed by Amba, from her love of strong physical exercise, sweating, and the bliss that comes from being really thirsty; inspired by passionate music and brain wave rhythms to create a shift in consciousness. Combine that with her ability to channel Patanjali’s Grandmother ☺ and you will never know what will come out of her mouth during class…however, be sure to bring your notebook, because she won’t remember either.


Why A 4-Week Training?

The Depth of Engagement of the Multi-Dimensional Self: Our training will remain a month-long, in contrast to the popular “quick fix”, “just give me a certificate in the shortest period of time” mentality.  It takes the time it takes for the teacher-to-be to embody the practices, to find her/his own unique voice, and to teach from her/his own experience.  This requires, at minimum, one month in a daily schedule that allows for all aspects of the teacher-to-be to develop self-confidence and to become embodied in one’s own inner wisdom.

Our Daily Schedule: We believe that Yoga is a lifestyle as much as it is an exercise, or a modality for developing psycho-spiritual balance. We will not be trying to cram information the shortest length of time, and we will not keep you the classroom from morning to late into the night. This kind of cramming is exactly the cultural hypnosis yoga is attempting to wake us up from. It takes the time it takes for the learner to learn from each dimension of themselves, not just their cerebral cortex or stretching muscles and aligning their bones.  Sleep is as important as the postures, so we end at 9 pm. We rise at 5 am to the sounds of birds and monkeys and to synchronize our personal rhythms with the circadian rhythms of the Planet.


What Will I Learn? 

Asana Technique: Tadasana, the core alignment found in every posture, will be studied in depth, from the perspective of both Eastern and Western alignment principles. From that basic posture we will experience the 36 postures that make up the Nosara Vinyasa®


Movement Inquiries: These therapeutic movements are a blessing from the natural wisdom of your body for helping both beginners and experienced, advanced practitioners to drop the classical asana form and to move into a more spontaneous, prana-directed experience.


Pranayama & Bandhas: We study and practice the seven most powerful pranayama techniques that Don and Amba, through their combined 60 years of practice and teaching, have discovered, that create the greatest effect in consciousness when integrated into a well-balanced yoga practice. Bandhas are brought into the posture techniques class from the very beginning, to support the performance of the asanas in the most aligned and relaxed way possible.


Two Vinyasa Practices: You will learn both a vigorous and a therapeutic vinyasa. These two vinyasa practices provide a comprehensive starting point when you begin teaching. From this foundation you will learn how to design your own vinyasa practices, to express yourself and to support the diverse needs of your students.


Chanting: Oh yes, are you in for a special treat! Whether you are familiar with chanting or it is a new experience, we believe you will love this aspect of the training. Based on the primal sounds your body makes in early childhood when you are learning to move, the yogis have distilled the practice of chanting the six seed syllables, or “bija mantras”, that form the basis for all speech. By combining these “seed syllables” with yoga practice you are actually toning the nervous system creating relaxation and strengthening concentration. Drawing from his personal practice Don intentionally picks easy, repetitive mantras that will give you the basis for chanting in your shower, or even begin to lead in your classes.


Meditation: A Nosara Yoga class ends with a 10-minute meditation, combined with “spinal cord breathing”. As you develop through your own personal meditation practice you will be able to draw from your own inspiration and experience to deliver inspired meditation moments for your students.


The First 4 Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: We inquire deeply into the yogic learning process as described by Yogi Patanjali in the first 4 verses of his classic text on yoga. These four verses guide our inquiry into learning how to learn through our own yoga practice. From the perspective you gain from your own yoga journey, you will come to a deeper understanding of what it means to be a yogi in the 21st Century.


Conscious Communication Skills: As a yoga teacher, you are modeling awareness in everything you say and do. We don’t have to be perfect-- but by bringing your awareness into your own capacity for self-expression and communication, your students will feel your intention through your ability to partner with each person in their own journey of self-discovery.  We are human beings inventing new ways of being together on the planet at this time.


What Else Occurs During Training?

Satsanga: Every Friday night during the month we gather together for “Satsanga”. “Sat” is “the truth that awakens from within”. “Sanga” means, “to be in the company of”—to be in the company of individuals willing to share the journey of self-discovery as we share the stories of our personal learning along the way.  Satsanga is a great way to create community and to have a group check in. It is a way you may find useful within your own yoga community when you return home.

Practice Teach: Your practice teaching begins from the beginning of the training. Don’s teaching methodology takes us through incremental steps all along the way until, by the end of the month, you will find yourself teaching a full 90-minute class in one of the many yoga studios on campus.  If you can’t imagine how effortless and pain free this experience will be for you, a good way to find out is to call one of our 3,500 graduates.  Just visit , type in any state or country and contact one of these teachers and ask them how their Practice Teach experience was.

On-Campus Life: Like never before has NYI been able to create a sense of community like we can now with our newly constructed Yoga Village. We can now provide the safe, conscious living and eating environment so supportive of your month-long yoga immersion.


• Earn Nosara Yoga Institute 200-hour certification, approved for Yoga Alliance RYT 200 registry
• 200-hr Credit towards Nosara Yoga Institute 500-hr Yoga Alliance-approved RYT 500 registry


 Meet Your Yoga Teacher Training Directors Don Stapleton and Amba Stapleton







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