200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training:
Nosara Yoga Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher Training


2014 - 2015 Dates for 200 hour training:

      • Arrival November 2, 2014 - Departure November 29, 2014
      • Arrival January 11, 2015 - Departure February 7, 2015
      • Arrival June 28, 2015 - Departure July 25, 2015 
      • Arrival November 1, 2015 - Departure November 28, 2015

        (Can't get away for 4 weeks in a row for yoga teacher training? Split your 200-hour month-long training into two convenient 2-week sessions:  Click to learn more about taking two 2-week sessions.)


• Directed by Don and Amba Stapleton, Co-Founders & Co-Directors of Nosara Yoga Institute 

• Earn Nosara Yoga Institute 200-hour certification, approved for Yoga Alliance RYT 200 registry
• 200-hr Credit towards Nosara Yoga Institute 500-hr Yoga Alliance-approved RYT 500 registry


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 Meet Your Yoga Teacher Training Directors Don Stapleton and Amba Stapleton 

Yoga Alliance-recognized 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification Training, Nosara Yoga Institute, Nosara, Costa Rica

Successful yoga teachers draw strength and inspiration from within one’s own yoga experience; i.e., awakening to the source of intelligence, knowledge and wisdom that comes from one’s own learning.  Known in the tradition of yoga as “prana,” the intelligent life force, this intelligence can not only be awakened through yoga practice, but can be cultivated as a reliable, life-long guide for generating physical health, emotional well-being and mental clarity in yourself and those you teach as a Nosara Yoga Teacher.

Become the Yoga Teacher You Want to Be
Grounded in the profound tradition of classical yoga, Don and Amba Stapleton, co-founders of Nosara Yoga Institute®, have distilled the essence of yoga and structured their 30 years of teacher training experience into every hour of every day of your yoga teacher training. Don and Amba, renowned yoga teachers who have made such a positive impact on so many lives, will guide you themselves in this program.

The result is a masterfully guided journey into realizing your capacity and skillfulness as a yoga teacher. The celebrated success of 3,500 teachers who have graduated from the Nosara Yoga Interdisciplinary Teacher Training is internationally acclaimed for its effectiveness in empowering graduates to actually learn to learn through their own experience and to transmit the spirit of non-judgmental self-awareness to their students.

At Nosara Yoga Institute, we use a non-authoritarian approach to training; i.e., our teaching methodology is not based on dictates and rules. Instead, our approach to Nosara Yoga Interdisciplinary Teacher Training is to guide and direct you in a unique way to deepen your practice while helping you find your own voice, your own style, and your own passion for teaching. The ultimate goal of this training to become a certified Nosara Yoga Teacher is to provide you with the means to activate your students’ direct knowing by guiding experiences that will support their ability to listen and respond to the intelligence in their own body/mind.

As a graduate of the internationally renowned Nosara Yoga Institute, you will be qualified to register with and be recognized by the Yoga Alliance. You will also be eligible to continue your advanced studies through Nosara Yoga Institute’s 500- and 1000-Hour Professional Certification programs. In addition to being a Yoga Alliance-approved yoga school (RYS), Nosara Yoga Institute is a founding member school of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) and is recognized for the quality and contributions of its long history of graduating individuals who embody the evolving spirit and tradition of yoga.

A Unique Mind-Body Interdisciplinary Approach to Becoming a Yoga Teacher or Advancing Your Personal Yoga Practice
The content, methodology and dynamic learning process at the heart of Nosara Yoga Interdisciplinary Teacher Training is the irreplaceable wisdom that arises from a non-authoritarian, interdisciplinary approach to yoga. While rooted in classical yoga practice, your training combines and transforms the continuously emerging knowledge from neuroscience, evolutionary biology, brain-mind development and dynamics of alignment into hands-on practical skills for teaching yoga and for continuing to learn and grow throughout life beyond the training.

This course carefully covers everything you will need to know to get you started teaching. We know that powerful and effective teachers are those who are speaking from their own experience. During this month-long training, you will be spending a majority of your time in direct experiential learning. What does this mean? Every day you will experience both Nosara Yoga Therapeutics and Nosara Vinyasa classes that will allow you to go deeper into your own personal practice of yoga.

What You’ll Learn
Not all students coming to your yoga class can begin comfortably with the traditional yoga postures. To respond to the individual needs of each of your students, you will learn Nosara Yoga Therapeutics, a comprehensive series of therapeutic movements developed by Don and presented in his book, Self-Awakening Yoga.  The therapeutic effects of these movements facilitate greater body awareness and condition the body for yoga practice by releasing imbalances and improving efficiency in movements that prevent injury.

The Nosara Vinyasa you’ll practice each day is a carefully designed sequence of yoga postures that synchronize breath with each movement. This flow of postures is expertly designed by Amba to guide the body through all posture groups that the body needs every day — standing, forward bending, spinal twisting, front-extending, seated and inversion positions.  You’ll learn the fundamentals of how to teach each posture in the flow, including principles of alignment, hands-on assists, modifications for different bodies and how to guide the posture with language that feels comfortable for you.

By combining these two approaches to yoga into your training, Nosara Yoga Therapeutics and Nosara Vinyasa, you will have all the tools, knowledge and experience you’ll need to begin teaching a wide spectrum of classes that will make the practice of yoga accessible to people of all experience levels and physical capabilities. In addition, you’ll learn how to:

    • Integrate principles of anatomy and kinesiology for safe yoga practices that regenerate the body and restore balance
    • Use yogic breath-work for integrating body and mind, and for increasing awareness of prana, the life force
    • Guide relaxation, meditation and self-inquiry experiences to enhance the lives of all you teach.


Whether you wish to become a yoga teacher or deepen your personal practice, the Nosara Yoga 200 hour teacher training provides a transformational, in-depth experience that will enrich your life both on and off the mat.



Accommodations & Pricing:


      • All-inclusive package price includes tuition, training manual, DVD, CD, accommodations and 2 vegetarian meals a day:

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Price per person:

                • Triple Shared Bath, per person: $5,890
                • Double Shared Bath, per person: $6,700
                • Double Deluxe with Private Bath, per person: $8,860
                • Private Shared Bath, per person: $8,860
                • Executive Private with king bed, per person: $11,988

             Prices quoted in U.S. dollars. Taxes on meals and housing (13%) not included.


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