Yoga: The Art & Science of Generating Transformation
100-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

2015 Dates

      • August 9 - 22, 2015  


  • Directed by Devarshi Steven Hartman,  ERYT 500
  • 100 credit hours towards Nosara Yoga Institute 1000-Hour Certification
  • 100 Yoga Alliance CEUs



“Yoga is tolerating the consequences of being oneself” – The Bhagavad Gita


Yoga: The Art & Science of Generating TransformationTrue transformation creates authentic, lasting freedom. How to become free is not a secret; transformation is a skill that can be taught, learned and sustained, but most of us have never been taught the simple yogic methods of becoming more aware.

Drawn from ancient yoga texts, each transformational experiment in these dynamic and life-changing fourteen days will help you to explore your experience as a participant, as well as your role as a guide.

Together, we will inquire into what works to facilitate transformation for individuals in groups, classrooms and private settings.

This module includes: 

        • Skills and techniques for designing transformational workshops that take yoga “off the mat ”
        • Experience in incorporating transformational elements that enliven your yoga classes
        • Deepening your own personal practice and understanding of asana, pranayama and meditation
        • Further development of witness consciousness
        • Experiencing the freedom that arises, as we unearth and integrate habitual patterning that has kept us from living as our optimal selves

Discover an infinite source of creativity for designing and delivering experiences that move both you and your students beyond the familiar and into the paradox of living life fully. Learn how to stay open to life’s messages— both the blissful and painful—and how to encourage and support others to courageously do the same.


Because of the powerful nature of self-inquiry in this training, you will be continuously invited to go beyond your personal limitations and to be honest with yourself and others. This journey helps you to release dogmatic beliefs and to cultivate the willingness to experiment.

The results of sharing yourself with others in new and unexpected ways will help you live into greater potentials that come with being yourself fully.  Experience greater amounts of joy, passion, health, aliveness and playfulness. By bringing these dimensions into your life, you will naturally develop as a leader and as a catalyst for honesty, vulnerability and love in the lives of people with whom you share your world.


All experiences are designed for you to explore your optimal aliveness in body, breath, mind and soul.

Are you ready to encounter the unique yogi, teacher, traveler, and transformer you have been called to be? If so, come join this community of “transformational yogis” for a unique and personal yoga journey.



Tuition:      $ 1,500.00


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