Infinite, Eternal and Whole:
50-Hr Meditation Retreat and Workshop in Whole-Self Awareness
For Yoga Practitioners
and Teachers

• This program is open to anyone wanting to learn how to meditate

• Yoga Teachers will receive 50 hours credit towards their Nosara Yoga Institute 500-Hour Certification


2015 Dates

      • April 5 - 11, 2015


 • Directed by Devarshi Steven Hartman






“All yoga practices are designed to lead one to an experience of being infinite, eternal, and whole.  An EXPERIENCE of being infinite, eternal and whole is beyond a mental belief that you are infinite eternal and whole.  The mind’s concepts and beliefs cannot get there, so at some point you must leap from mental experience into another realm”

from “The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita”
by Devarshi Steven Hartman

This is the meditation workshop you have been longing for as well as the awareness training you wish you had received at the beginning of your life journey. In this supportive, bliss-seeking setting, you will learn and practice the fundamentals of meditation as set forth in the ancient yogic texts.


Experiential learning that occurs beyond the limits of your mind lives in eternal time. This is the promise from ancient contemplative practices that cultivate a heightened sense of awareness of the whole self. Consider the value of spending one week of your life in exploring the hidden dimensions of your natural intelligence through meditation. One week with yourself can give you a relationship of peace and inner stillness that will last a lifetime. In the pristine garden jungle of Nosara Yoga Institute, Costa Rica, discover the power of nature as your teacher for inspiring a heightened sense of awareness that endures all life circumstances and physical location.

The challenges and burdens of modern lifestyles leave us with a separation from our true nature-- longing for the sense of home with our inner self and belongingness to the world around us. Previous yoga teachers and practitioners have described the quality of the training you will experience during this particular week as “the training you wish you had received at the beginning of your life journey.” Why? Because learning the art of focusing our awareness in the immediacy of this new moment is a new beginning of your life journey.


What do we mean by “training your attention?”

You will discover your personal way for directing your attention where it naturally wants to go, while also learning to detect the conditioned, habitual mental and emotional patterns that hijack your awareness. You will make friends with the power of your will as an ally to welcome the wandering mind back to the experience of your whole self.


This basic practice of developing your attention is at the heart of everything we seek for.  It IS the starting line.  Much of our cultural and personal conditioning comes from looking outside for a quick and easy way to skip the process of developing attention, reaching for the results of happiness and fulfillment. In our reach for immediate, quick fixes as remedies to feeling separate and unfulfilled, we experience disappointment and failure in our ability to find the sense of home within. We look for the easy way of reaching for the end, while the authentic beginning is already there. By developing your attention for remaining present in this moment, you awaken to the infinite realization the beginning is all there is.

By training yourself to take charge of your attention you will find that it is not as hard as you may have made it, as boring as you may have imagined, or as complicated as you may have been told.  It is natural.  It waits for us to rest in it.  This ability to truly be present, to experience the outrageous moment fully, to become it, is at the heart of learning to live in your own state of wholeness, in union with the world around you. Yogis of all generations have described this state of union as “witness consciousness.”

Like life, meditation provides many doors to the same goal.  Because everyone’s means of discovering one’s own Inner Witness is unique, this training will is filled with variety.  You will explore your inner landscape through various meditative methods including: seated and standing stillness; meditation through movement and awareness exercises; exploring mantras, mudras and chanting; hiking, exploring nature’s messages; hours each day in silence, refrained speaking, and pranayama (yogic breath work).  All practices will strengthen your ability to listen beyond  your ears, see beyond your eyes, and invite internal presence and awareness. You will find the keys that work for you, and enable you to pass through the doorway of Atha (now).


What can I expect as the end results of my Meditation Training Retreat?

      • You will have fun exploring your inner landscape in an inspiring variety of ways that will all become tools for you as an individual as well as for your students and friends.
      • You will experience heightened states of awareness through practicing numerous meditation techniques that cultivate awareness and presence in all that you do. In addition to experiencing and practicing the techniques and methods of this training, you will have the time to reflect on the dynamics of leading these experiences for your students, and how to incorporate them into your own personal practice beyond the training.
      • Learn and practice the ancient fundamentals classical tools of pranayama combined with meditation that result in the unveiling of the whole self, resulting in greater inner equanimity in the face of all that life offers you.
      • You will find ease in unwinding unhelpful habitual patterns that have held you back.
      • You will experience profound personal shifts and integration within your life purpose.
      • You will experience a transformational shift in the way you see and relate to the world with creativity.
      • You will enjoy new ways of introducing the techniques and methods you acquire in this training with your students and those in your life. You will have the opportunity to work in partners to create and lead an experience that incorporates the essential methods that are most important to you
      • You will generate a community of students and friends that share a life of expansive freedom and choice.



Accommodations & Pricing:

      • All-inclusive package price includes tuition, training materials, accommodations and 2 vegetarian meals a day:

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Price per person:

                • Triple Shared Bath, per person: $1,490
                • Double (shared bath) per person: $1,780
                • Double Deluxe with Private Bath, per person: $2,200
                • Semi-Private (shared bath) per person: $2,200
                • Executive Private with king bed, per person: $3,150

Prices quoted in U.S. dollars. Taxes on meals and housing (13%) not included.


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