Nosara Self-Awakening Yoga Therapeutics®
100-Hour Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training

2016 Dates:

      • February 21 - March 5, 2016 

  • Directed by Don Stapleton, Ph.D., Dean of Yoga Education, Author of Self-Awakening Yoga:
    The Expansion of Consciousness through the Body’s Own Wisdom
  • 100-hour credit towards Nosara Yoga Institute 500-hour certification, applicable for Yoga Alliance Registry
  • 100-hour credit towards Nosara Yoga Institute 1000-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Certification
  • 100 Yoga Alliance CEUs

Nosara Self-Awakening Yoga Therapeutics Teacher TrainingAs presented by Don Stapleton in his book, Self Awakening Yoga: The Expansion of Consciousness through the Body’s Own Wisdom, the Nosara Self-Awakening Yoga Therapeutics® Teacher Training is a 100-hour immersion that provides yoga teachers and therapists with professional experience, knowledge and therapeutic skills that can support a diverse student base.

Grounded in the latest research in neuroscience and neurobiology, Self Awakening Yoga® explores the self-learning process that arises from focusing mental attention on bodily sensation. Through easy-to-practice actions, practitioners relearn the natural patterns of movement that unfolded throughout each of the developmental cycles. These pleasurable movements free us to move the way the body is designed to move, and result in the feeling of being at home within our own bodies.


Through daily workshops, demonstrations, group movement exercises and partner sessions, you will learn: 

      • How to introduce therapeutic movements that target specific imbalances and issues, not always accessible through traditional postures
      • How to guide movement sequences that reveal fundamental insights into developmental patterns and neuromuscular alignment
      • How to slow down and focus on sensation, gaining insight into what is actually happening in your own bodily experience
      • How to listen to the intelligence of your organism as it communicates through the sensations you notice
      • How to guide yourself and others towards self-balancing and self-healing through personal yoga experiences
      • How to experience and guide “mediation-in-motion”


Through increased attention, we learn how to enter a state of embodied, meditative awareness. By moving slowly, we allow the body to learn through experience and respond to the internal inquiries, “What wants to happen?” “What wants to open?” “What would feel more pleasurable?” The result is that you establish the ability to witness yourself “As Is.”

This transformative practice empowers us to:

      • Access your own inner teacher through your body, freeing you from the illusion that healing exists outside of you
      • Transform attention deficiency into a heightened ability to focus
      • Move away from our dysfunctional relationship to pain into a state of curiosity where discomfort is viewed as a messenger from the body’s intelligence, rather than punishment
      • Experience naturally deeper breathing, synchronized with movement that supports deeply relaxed awareness
      • Release self-diagnosed limitations in physical capacity and mobility
      • Feel freedom, flexibility and connection to greater experiences of energy and vitality


As a teacher or therapist, this training will free you from the boundaries of techniques, authorities and experts, and even pre-existing yoga systems. Instead, accessing your inner teacher becomes a source of intuitive guidance that will bring a depth of insight into your individualized offerings with group and one-on-one clients.

This 100-hour training is required in the 300 and 500-hour Nosara Yoga Institute Professional Level Certifications, both recognized by the Yoga Alliance.




Tuition:      $ 1,995.00

Early Bird: $ 1,700.00 (Paid in full before November 21, 2015)


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