Yin Yoga Teacher Training - Embracing the Yin Path
50-hour Yoga Teacher Training


2014 Dates

      • October 26 - November 1, 2014 


Directed by Biff Mithoefer, 500-ERYT
50-hr credit towards Nosara Yoga Institute 1000-hr Certification (50 Yoga Alliance CEUs)

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Directed By:

Biff Mithoefer


Embracing the Essence of Yin Yoga Teaching and Practice

SYin Yoga Training (part 2) - Nosara Yoga Instituteince the beginning of mankind's adventure here on Earth, indigenous societies throughout the world have sought guidance through their relationship with archetypal figures. These figures relate to the parts of ourselves that we all share. In this yin yoga teacher training with Bill Mithoefer, we will look at our journey as humans and teachers through the archetypes of Warrior, Healer, Teacher and Visionary. We will discuss the connection between these archetypes and the Taoist understanding of the relationship of Yin and Yang. As we look within this relationship of Yin and Yang, we can see how important the balance of our Yang Warrior nature and our Yin Healer nature, our Yin Teacher nature and our Yang Visionary nature is for the equanimity of our students and ourselves.

In this training we will use the tools of Yin Yoga, body meditation and intentional sharing to help us experience these archetypes in ourselves. By opening to the wisdom of our own bodies we will begin to feel where we may be out of balance. Does our strong Warrior nature lack the heart of the Healer? Does our hearts path lack the power of the Warrior? As Teachers, are we open to our students finding their own path, or are we attached to the outcome of our teaching? Like the Visionary, can we see and tell the truth without blame or judgment, or are we wrapped too tightly in our own stories?

This training is a stand-alone training, and is open to anyone who has taken the Yin Yoga - Taoism, Anatomy, and Sequencing training, as well as to any dedicated yoga students or teachers who are interested in deepening their practice. If you haven't studied with me before, please contact me by email to talk about preparation for the training. The two Yin Yoga training modules, Taoism, Anatomy, and Sequencing and Embracing the Yin Path can be taken in any order, although it can be simpler for less experienced students to take Embracing the Yin Path first. The Yin Yoga - Taoism, Anatomy, and Sequencing training module will be offered at Nosara Yoga Institute October 25 - October 31, 2015.

To create and hold a safe space for peaceful acceptance is the privilege of the Yin teacher. In this 50-hour training, we'll look at ways we can best support our students in their own journeys as we explore creative and collaborative approaches to teaching and learning through inquiries and explorations of the following themes:

    • The practice of holding space
    • Body and energy literacy: deepening our range of perception, learning to follow our inner teacher, and supporting others to do the same
    • Embodiment: grounding our teaching in our body
    • Collaboration and Community: encouraging mutual support and peer learning, taking our practice into the world
    • Self-Realization and Creativity: exploring and developing our unique strengths and style as teachers
    • Personal Growth and Mindfulness: identifying and addressing our blind spots and 'growing edges' as teachers
    • The use of story, poetry and metaphors to invite a deeper somatic experience

Level two training consists of approximately:

    • 9.5 hours of Teacher training/practice
    • 10.5 hours of Teaching methodology
    • 6 hours of anatomy/physiology
    • 7 hours of Yoga philosophy/lifestyle & ethics
    • 3 hours of practicum

Total 36 contact hours. Students are then required to do a minimum of 14 hours of independent study.


Accommodations & Pricing:

      • All-inclusive package price includes tuition, training materials, accommodations and 2 vegetarian meals a day:

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        Price per person:

                • Triple Shared Bath, per person: $1,490
                • Double (shared bath) per person: $1,780
                • Double Deluxe with Private Bath, per person: $2,200
                • Semi-Private (shared bath) per person: $2,200
                • Executive Private with king bed, per person: $3,150

             Prices quoted in U.S. dollars. Taxes on meals and housing (13%) not included.

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Yin Yoga Teacher Training (Level 2)