Inner Quest of the Yoga Educator®
100-hr Yoga Teacher Training


2015 Dates

      • March 22, 2015 -  April 4, 2015   

• Directed by Don Stapleton, Co-Founder & Co-Director of Nosara Yoga Institute
100-hr credit towards Nosara Yoga Institute 500-hr Certification applicable for Yoga Alliance Registry
• 100-hr credit towards Nosara Yoga Institute 1000-hr Certification (100 Yoga Alliance CEUs)


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Directed By:

Don Stapleton


100-hr Inner Quest of the Yoga Educator

Develop the skill and confidence to offer one-on-one sessions

In the Inner Quest of the Yoga Educator® module you will develop the capability to provide your students and clients a one-on-one session to explore the experiences that arise as they begin to apply their yoga to their lives off-the-mat. This important aspect of being a well-rounded yoga educator requires developing skillfulness in your role as a Yoga Guide.

As your students grow and develop, you will find that it is essential to have skills to address the deeper issues of life’s experience that naturally arise when yoga practice begins to deepen. People often begin their yoga journey to improve their health, productivity and well-being. These are courageous reasons to study and practice yoga. However, as a yoga practice evolves, practitioners become conscious of the dysfunctional patterns, issues and limitations that are hidden in deeper layers of themselves. In your role as a Yoga Guide, you can assist your students to allow the full expression of their health and creativity through giving them a place to explore the issues that surface as a result of their yoga practice. The outcome of a yoga guide session is that your client will have practical options for making new choices in their daily life. These options arise through deeper contact with the wisdom that arises from within their own experience.


Experience a safe and supportive environment to carry out your own inner work within a community of other dedicated Yoga Educators


provides you with a supportive environment to explore your own inner world of meaning and purpose. Growing into the role of Yoga Guide takes you back to the primal inquiry that yoga addresses in the question, “Who Am I.” In order to be helpful to others requires clear perception and non-judgmental listening. To be attentive to the issues of others you first need to address your own core issues, feelings and perceptions that shape your life and your life choices. The intention of transitioning from the role of yoga educator to that of a Yoga Guide requires that you are willing to do your inner work. Taking responsibility for your authentic self leads to making peace within yourself, accepting your humanity. In accepting yourself as you are, you are able to authentically accept your students as they are.


Acquire new skills that you can use in your own life to improve the quality of your relationships

This training module gives you the opportunity to refine your listening skills and ability to respond to your others without simply giving advice. You will learn how to listen with non-judgmental awareness and to Say Back what you hear your students and loved ones saying in such a way as to stimulate one’s own discovery of answers that arise from within oneself.

You will learn communication skills that enhance your own personal relationships as well as your relationship with your students and clients. The ultimate goal of this training is to provide you with the means to activate your students’ direct knowing by listening to what is not being said, and offering further questions that support the ability for them to listen and respond to the intelligence in their own body/mind.


Inner Quest for the Yoga Educator Course includes daily workshops, demonstrations, small group exercises and practice sessions with partners that address the following:

  • Learn to apply the “Cycle of Transformation through Awareness” as a tool for clarifying the story of the learning process, and how to make room for the confusion that arises in any new learning situation that promises opportunity and change.
  • Acquire the ability to use questions that facilitate deeper levels of self-ownership and reveal the ability to listen for what is not being said.
  • Establish understanding of the Yoga Guide role and how it differs from that of counseling, coaching or therapy.
  • Increase your repertoire of yogic practices that are appropriate for addressing trauma, stress, anxiety and self-empowerment, including journaling, meditation, asana and pranayama.
  • Learn how to work with your client/students to design a take-home yoga practice to reinforce the values and strategies for bringing positive changes into their lives.


Accommodations & Pricing:


      • All-inclusive package price includes tuition, training manual, accommodations and 2 vegetarian meals a day:

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                • Triple Shared Bath, per person: $2,990
                • Double Shared Bath, per person: $3,400
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                • Executive Private with king bed, per person: $6,290

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