200-Hour Nosara Yoga Teacher Training®

2015 - 2016 Dates:

• Directed personally by Amba Stapleton, and Don Stapleton PhD., Co-founders and Co-directors of the Nosara Yoga Institute. Meet the Directors here: Don Stapleton and Amba Stapleton

Yoga Alliance-recognized 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification Training, Nosara Yoga Institute, Nosara, Costa RicaTaught in a non-authoritarian environment, this training guides you step-by-step through the process of discovering your own unique expression and style of yoga, supporting you as you come to know the teacher already within you.


In this month-long yoga teacher training immersion, you will:


        • Deepen your yoga practice and discover how to continue developing your practice for lifelong learning
        • Learn exceptional teaching skills and business practices that will support you as you begin a successful yoga teaching career and vocation
        • Develop balanced and healthy lifestyle habits that you can continue upon returning home
        • Learn community-building skills that will help you create a sangha (or sacred community) once at home, and establish lifelong friendships that will help you sustain your practice throughout a lifetime


Our Flows

In this 200-hour yoga teacher training, you will learn two distinct but complementary forms of yoga postures and flows: the Nosara Yoga Vinyasa and Nosara Self-Awakening Yoga Therapeutics.


Self-Awakening Yoga Therapeutics Flow®: Created by Don Stapleton PhD., this practice was born from his studies in creativity and human development, his personal dedication to yoga practice and his ongoing inquiry into the foundations of movement throughout the developmental cycle—beginning in-utero and continuing through adulthood.  You’ll explore the movements presented in his book that facilitate health and fitness, while also introducing yoga as a creative learning process and an expansion of consciousness. Self-Awakening Yoga unlocks the body’s natural intelligence by stimulating the primal impulse to move towards balance and healing. Practitioners can recover freedom of movement, release emotional trauma, and unleash their full spiritual and physical potential to re-balance and integrating the whole self.

Our Nosara Yoga Vinyasa Flow ®, designed by Amba, from her love of strong physical exercise, sweating, and the bliss that comes from being really thirsty; inspired by passionate music and brain wave rhythms to create a shift in consciousness. Combine that with her ability to channel Patanjali’s Grandmother ☺ and you will never know what will come out of her mouth during class…however, be sure to bring your notebook, because she won’t remember either.


What Topics Are Covered in the 200-Hour Curriculum?

Asana Technique: At the heart of every yoga posture is the ability to stand on one’s own two feet. With this understanding we study the Standing Mountain Pose (Tadasana) in-depth, covering both Eastern and Western alignment principles. Expanding upon this foundation, we then explore the 36 postures that make up the Nosara Yoga Vinyasa®.


Movement Inquiries: These therapeutic movements that comprise the core of Self-Awakening Yoga therapeutics, are a gift from the natural wisdom of your body. They can assist both beginners and advanced practitioners to move beyond the boundaries of classical yoga postures, and have a direct experience of prana, or energy.


Pranayama & Bandhas: We will study and practice the seven most powerful pranayama techniques that have the potential to create a shift in consciousness when integrated into a well-balanced yoga practice. The bandhas (or energetic locks) will also be explored, as a tool to support and align the body during posture practice in the most efficient and relaxed way possible.


Two Vinyasa Practices: You will learn both a vigorous vinyasa, and a therapeutic vinyasa flow. From this balanced foundation, you will learn how to design your own vinyasa practices, creating a teaching style that is unique to you, while supporting the diverse needs of your students.


Chanting: Drawn from his personal practice, Don leads simple chants inspired by the Bija Mantras—basic syllables that make up the elements of speech and sound. The repetition of these “seed” sounds helps the mind focus, and calms and tones the nervous system. A powerful component of a multidimensional yoga practice, chanting is often reported by our students to be one of their favorite aspects of this training—even by those who previously avoided singing.  


Meditation: All Nosara Yoga classes end with a 10-minute meditation combined with “spinal cord breathing”. As you develop through your own personal meditation practice, you will be able to draw from your own inspiration to provide meditation for experiences for your students.


Yoga Philosophy: The study of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras creates the philosophical framework of our 200-hour training.  In particular, the first four verses guide our inquiry into the process of learning through our own yoga practice, and shed light on what it means to be a yogi in the 21st century.


Conscious Communication Skills: As a yoga teacher, you are modeling awareness in everything you say and do. By bringing consciousness into your self-expression and communication, you will gain the skillfulness required to partner with each of your students in their unique journey towards self-discovery.  We don’t have to be perfect—we are human beings inventing new ways of being together on the planet at this time.


What Else Occurs During Yoga Teacher Training?

Satsanga: Every Friday night during the month, we gather together for Satsanga. “Sat,” means, “the truth that awakens from within”. “Sanga” is, “to be in the company of.” Together, Satsanga describes the practice of being in the company of individuals willing to share the journey of self-discovery. During this time, we share the stories of our personal learning as it occurs throughout this training. Satsanga is a great way to check in with each other and create community. It is a tool you may find useful to share in your own yoga community when you return home.


Practice Teach: Practice teaching begins on day one of this training. Our teaching methodology provides small, digestible steps along the way, culminating in a 90-minute teaching experience with your fellow students at the end of the month. Any of our previous 3,500 graduates will attest that this experience was enjoyable, powerful, and fun. To hear for yourself, visit Type in any state or country, and contact one of these teachers to ask them how their Practice Teach experience was.


Why A 4-Week Yoga Teacher Training?

It takes the time it takes for the teacher-to-be to embody the practices presented, to find her/his own unique voice, and to teach from her/his own experience.  This requires, at minimum, one month in a daily schedule that allows for all aspects of the teacher-to-be to develop self-confidence and to become rooted in one’s own inner wisdom.


Our Daily Schedule: We believe that Yoga is a lifestyle as much as it is an exercise, and a modality for developing psycho-spiritual balance. Because sleep is as important as the postures, we end each day at 9 pm. We rise at 5 am to the sounds of birds and monkeys, synchronizing our personal rhythms with the circadian rhythms of the Planet.


• Earn Nosara Yoga Institute 200-hour certification, approved for Yoga Alliance RYT 200 registry
• 200-hr Credit towards Nosara Yoga Institute 500-hr Yoga Alliance-approved RYT 500 registry



Tuition 2015: $ 3,200.00

Tuition 2016 : $ 3,795.00*

   *Early Bird: $ 3,500.00 (Paid in full before October 10, 2015)





Need Additional Information? 
If you would like to discuss any questions you have regarding this specific training, or our curriculum in general, you may contact our Curriculum Advisor at